CELL PHONE ISSUES AND SOLUTIONS Due to its convenience, the cellular phone has rapidly become a useful tool in people's personal lives and a necessary tool in business communications. The popularity of cell-phones is understandable; however, convenience and popularity should not get in the way of safety and efficiency. The existing cell-phone can be made to operate more efficiently and emit less radiation. GEC urges the industry and the government to educate consumers about all the facts on cell-phones and to take actions that will make cell-phones more efficient and safer. In 1997, USA Wireless, Inc. of Houston, Texas introduced the Advanced Cellular Phone Antenna (ACPA) technology that significantly reduces RF radiation absorbed into the user's head and improves the cell-phone system efficiency. View the United States Vice President Al Gore's response to USA Wireless concerns and efforts. Most of the cell phones currently in the market have the main antenna mounted at the bottom as proposed in the ACPA solution. Recently, Global Wireless Technology (GWT), Inc. of Minneapolis, Minnesota has provided the industry and consumers with a simple, but effective solution: Wireless Device Grip Guide (WDGG) that would further improve the cell-phone system performance, save energy, prolong battery life and reduce radiation significantly. View a smartphone that incorporated the GWT WDGG housing design.


The long-term nature and complexity of biological studies to determine if radiation emissions from cell-phones are harmful means that it will be many years before we know any effects on human due to these emissions. It is true that biological studies, at this time, are inconclusive; nevertheless we feel it is important for the telecommunications industry and the government to inform consumers about the products they are using and work to limit emissions or at least reduce the exposure time and amounts. We believe that a cooperative environment will foster valuable results that could benefit everyone, especially millions and millions of cell-phone users world-wide.


To help both the industry and the public, GEC has been taking the following actions:
(1)Providing safer and more efficient technologies.
(2)Studying whether RF radiation standards and guidelines for cell-phone radiation emissions are safe for the public.
(3)Educating consumers on cell-phone safety and efficiency.


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