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Causes of Global Warming

This short article touches on the main causes of global warming according to a group of scientists called the International Panel on Climate Change.
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Effects of Global Warming

From impacts that are already happening to effects that could happen if warming continues this article is an eye opener to the effects that global warming is causing to the environment.
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Recycling is a good way to prevent pollution, the use of raw materials, and the depletion of natural resources. Recycling also decreases emissions and saves energy. The benefits and steps to recycling a product are explained in this article.
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Buy Recycled Products

Establishing an effective market for recycled products is the key to finishing the recycling process. Ways to identify the recycled-content products and some of the many recycled-content products available are listed in this article.
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Tips: 100 Ways to Conserve Water

There are many ways to conserve water and you can help contribute to saving water.
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National Weather Service

This link provides access to severe weather watches, warnings, and advisories. Selecting a state will view a list of active alerts by county, which are updated about every 2 minutes. This web-page also references forecasts, climate predictions, weather safety tips, and preparedness guides for severe weather.

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River Watch

Dartmouth Flood Observatory uses satellite gauging to show river water levels by region all over the world. It is a cooperative project with the Global Flood Detection System. Satellite microwave sensors supply global coverage of land surface, such microwave data can be used to measure river discharge changes, river ice status, and watershed runoff.  Dr. Son V. Nghiem at NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory was one of the main investigators of the project. 
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